Sea To Sky Natural Resource District
Road Details
Location TFL38
Condition Impassable (Last updated 19d)
Condition Details Road is impassable or requires highly specialized vehicles to drive
Closures Wildlife Closure
Length 24.33km
Owner Northwest Squamish Forestry Ltd.
Award Date Aug 25, 1997
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Road Description

No description.

Road Bulletins
Tim K reported on: Mar 31, 2024
You're looking at the spot where the bridge was.
Bridge at 2km is no more.

It's an ex-bridge.
Stephen Bunyak reported on: Mar 31, 2024
Bridge washed out at 50° 8' 55.55" N, 123° 30' 37.32" W
old bridge has been washed out - from another POV. suppose maybe moto could get across, but the boulders on the other side makes me think that might be pretty hard. Road otherwise seems like its been plowed up until that point. snow on the sides of the trail, but otherwise wet and a bit mushy between the snow.
SWBC Peak Baggers reported on: Oct 22, 2023
River running down G-Main after Peaches and Cream Falls
Went up the Elaho G-Main past peaches and cream falls to (50.2251626, -123.5763514) where the stream has diverted down the road. Seems to be the farthest up you can go for now. Would be interested if the Elaho Mainline is grated anytime soon. Hope this helps.
SWBC Peak Baggers reported on: Aug 22, 2022
A view of the road washout
[From Douglas Vis] - The road is washed out 8.5km from the start of the Bug Lake Trail head. About 50m of the road is now a creek. At ~12.5km from the start of G-Main.