South Statlu FSR - Bulletin
Francis Bailey reported on: Dec 12, 2023
At ~1.5km
Looking back towards Mount Jasper and where we drove in from
Small water bars along the way
Only drove the 1km mark and then walked another 1.5km. However, the road looks in good condition further beyond. We stopped as weren't sure how icy the upper sections would be, but turns out they're perfectly drivable.
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Has this since opened up? I drove over there once, south side of Dickson Lake, but there was no way to get past that part, or it was over grown I think. I can’t remember. I didn’t take a picture.
I believe the area around Dickson Lake is technically accessible, but the road is pulled down/washed out and would require some challenging 4x4. There was a recent discussion on 4WDABC about this