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Cogburn Creek FSR

Gate is open at the start of Cogburn FSR. Does not appear there is any active logging. Was up mid week. Just before branch 2510, you will need a big c...

Mike Barrass - Apr 04, 2024

The start of this road is grown over and has lots of trees down. It has not been used in a long time.

Mike Barrass - Apr 05, 2024
Squamish River Branch 250

Katrina Kuba posted on Facebook in the Squamish Ski Mountaineering & Mountain Running Club, that this branch has a washout right at the start of i...

Mike Barrass - Feb 06, 2024
Cabin Lake Spur

This road is in rough condition. Having said that, if you have made it this far through the 3 washouts, you should be fine getting to cabin lake.

Mike Barrass - Oct 14, 2023
Prospect Miner A Branch

For the Prospect Creek bridge, I spoke with a construction crew that was replacing another bridge up there and there was no immediate plans to fix thi...

Mike Barrass - Sep 10, 2023
Mamquam River 210 Spur

Other than being a little rough in a couple of spots, this section of road up to the Dunkeld trailhead is fine. Stock 4x4 drivable

Mike Barrass - Aug 18, 2023
Mamquam River South Mainline

The road is for the adventurous. The start is a little overgrown but not much. There is one deep ditch passable in a short to medium wheel base 4x4. I...

Mike Barrass - Aug 18, 2023