Cascades Natural Resource District
Road Details
Condition Somewhat Degraded (Last updated 195d)
Condition Details Road has rough spots, water bars or moderate washouts and may require high-clearance 4WD
Closures No Posted Closures
Length 12.39km
Owner District Manager Cascades (dcs)
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Road Description

No description.

Road Bulletins
Francis Bailey reported on: Oct 04, 2023
The 4x4 HC bypass
A look at the washed out bridge
The road is in good condition according to Lloyd of SWBC Peak Baggers, but the bridge across Prospect Creek is completely washed out. There appears to be a bypass around the bridge for 4x4 HC vehicles.
Mike Barrass reported on: Sep 10, 2023
For the Prospect Creek bridge, I spoke with a construction crew that was replacing another bridge up there and there was no immediate plans to fix this. I was told maybe next year (2024) but he did not know.
Sean Caulfield reported on: Oct 23, 2022
Bridge approach completely washed out at 24KM on Miner Road, 4x4 HC bypass through creek (doable in Nissan Frontier crew cab long bed). Second washout 1km further, tight bypass around (may require reversing in larger vehicle to make the turn). Third washout at KM26.5, I didn't attempt this in my Frontier, but got a ride with a couple in a Jeep double locked on 35s who had no problem crossing it and drove me all the way up to 1,500m on spur to Cabin Lake. After the third washout the road was still in decent condtion, would be easy biking if you can't drive through.