Downton Creek FSR

Cascades Natural Resource District
Road Details
Condition Good Condition (Last updated 59d)
Condition Details Road is 2WD driveable in most cases or easily driven in a 4WD.
Closures No Posted Closures
Length 16.97km
Owner District Manager Cascades (dcs)
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Road Description

A now decommissioned FSR that runs along the Downton Creek. In 2021 the first bridge structure was deemed unsafe for vehicular travel and barricaded by district officials. Since then, the barricades have been moved by persons unknown allowing enough space for Tacoma sized trucks and smaller to squeeze through. Please note the bridge is still considered unsafe for travel by vehicle, so drive at your own risk. The barricades may be pushed back at any time, access is not guaranteed.

Road Bulletins
Michael Kennedy reported on: Feb 20, 2024
Cayoosh bridge barricade Downton Creek FSR 3:00PM 20FEB2024
Barricade blocks are far apart-probably passable for an F250. Look like they may have been set by a crane-equipped hwys truck. Question is : Is Downton subject to a seasonal open/closed policy?
Liseth Miranda reported on: Oct 29, 2023
Dowtown FSR 1600mt
Blockade is still Open but the road is cover in snow, for anyone driving the road will need high clearance vehicle and winter tires. We parked at 1600mt elevation where there is an open spot.
Sean Caulfield reported on: Oct 22, 2023
Measured the lock blocks before the 0KM bridge at 95" apart (+/-) - for reference, we saw a couple of full size trucks (F150/Silverado) had made it past. Road in decent shape to Seton TH, should be fine to there in most 2wd even - hardest part is probably the far side of the first bridge. After Seton TH to Holly Lake turnoff it's narrower, couple spots where a bit of clearance helps but no major washouts or waterbars. Some very small thin alders will brush against your vehicle, but wouldn't consider it too "pinstripy".
Francis Bailey reported on: Oct 22, 2023
Here's what the underside of the bridge looks like
As Sean, mentioned the road is in overall great shape, although I only drove as far as the Mount Seton trailhead.
Sean Caulfield reported on: Sep 30, 2023
I could open my door against the lock block and get out to take this photo
View of passenger side
This is the 0km bridge. Little dip either side to get onto the bridge, some deck boards are loose.
The lock blocks at the 0km bridge on Downton Creek FSR are still pushed apart, easily wide enough for a Nissan Frontier (could drive straight through without a spotter). Probably 18" width to spare so a full size truck can likely squeeze through. Road in 2wd condition to Seton trailhead, if you can get your Prius across the bridge you're good all the way. Didn't drive beyond Seton TH but have heard Holly Lake TH is accessible as well, not sure on road condition on this stretch.