New Borden FSR

Chilliwack Natural Resource District
Road Details
Location Chilliwack Valley
Condition Heavily Degraded (Last updated 142d)
Condition Details Road requires high clearance 4WD. There may be challenging washouts, dangerous sections or exceptionally deep water bars.
Closures No Posted Closures
Length 4.92km
Owner Ts'elxweyeqw Forestry Limited Partnership
Award Date Feb 04, 2008
Waypoints Download GPX
Road Description

New Borden FSR links up with the original Borden FSR at ~780m in elevation. It can be used to access the upper sections of Borden FSR now that the bridge is out on the original road. With a high clearance 4x4 one can drive to within a few kilometers of the summit of Mcguire

Road Bulletins
Francis Bailey reported on: Nov 29, 2023
A look at the washout
As mentioned in other bulletins on Borden FSR, there's a large section of road that has washed away down a steep embankment. It's around 650m in elevation or ~3.5km in. There is more space on the road than first appears, but I had a spotter just in case. The road is low clearance 4WD up to this point, but you will need HC to get through after. I could foresee this section washing out permanently in the coming years if there's enough rainfall.