Florence Lake FSR

Chilliwack Natural Resource District
Road Details
Condition Good Condition (Last updated 130d)
Condition Details Road is 2WD driveable in most cases or easily driven in a 4WD.
Closures No Posted Closures
Length 20.06km
Owner District Manager Chilliwack (dck)
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Road Description

No description.

Road Bulletins
Silvana Doria reported on: Dec 11, 2023
Drove as far as R100 towards Rolley Peak. Lots of potholes but still 2WD accessible to this point
Francis Bailey reported on: Oct 12, 2023
A photo of the gate and a sad tacoma left behind
Drove all the way to the gate that Chris mentioned and I can confirm it's still there. I happened to drive in right before the Pomerlau team arrived and asked them how long the gate would be around. They were quite vague but it sounded like a few months at least while they are working on the BC hydro plant. Why they couldn't set the gate up just beyond the Robie Reid Trailhead is another question. Florence Lake FSR is otherwise in normal shape. Lots of pot holes, but no other noteworthy issues.
Christopher Jamieson reported on: Aug 19, 2023
A gate was added to Florence lake FSR by Pomerleau contracting, 500m before the turn off to the Robie reid trailhead/ parking area.