Statlu Creek FSR

Chilliwack Natural Resource District
Road Details
Condition Good Condition (Last updated 129d)
Condition Details Road is 2WD driveable in most cases or easily driven in a 4WD.
Closures No Posted Closures
Length 12.44km
Owner District Manager Chilliwack (dck)
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Road Description

No description.

Road Bulletins
SWBC Peak Baggers reported on: Mar 16, 2024
The gate in question
[From Robert Vaughan] - Statlu gate now appears closed.

Steven Song reported on: Dec 17, 2023
Washout at 9.5 km could be driven in a narrow, lifted Jeep or ATV. Might be possible in a Tacoma but did not try. Not worth driving further anyway.
Francis Bailey reported on: Dec 12, 2023
Gate was open. No signs of recent locking either
Statlu Peak ahead. Straightforward tracks to drive on.
Drove up to the Branch 7300/South Statlu FSR turn off at ~7.5km. There was an old layer of snow on the road, but tire tracks were down to bare rock and easy to follow. Road in great condition up to this point. Gate was unlocked. Chains not necessary
SWBC Peak Baggers reported on: Nov 01, 2023
The second washout on the road. There's probably about 1.2m of road left. The other side is a berm of some type.
[From Caro Coco] - There is normally a closed gate at the very beginning of Statlu, but the past few months it has remained open. it was a very smooth drive up until a bit past km 9, where I found what I thought was a deactivation at the time (it was dark). After parking and setting off, I realized that it was small washout that I probably could have driven over in the daylight with company, but oh well! There was another washout not very far in anyway, and the amount of road left would have been too narrow for the Tacoma.