Hurley River FSR - "The Hurley"

Sea To Sky Natural Resource District
Road Details
Condition Good Condition (Last updated 118d)
Condition Details Road is 2WD driveable in most cases or easily driven in a 4WD.
Closures Seasonal Closure
Length 15.16km
Owner District Manager Squamish (dsq)
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Road Description

No description.

Road Bulletins
Fisal Elstone reported on: Dec 23, 2023
We exited Tenquille Lake Hut via branch 12 FSR and the Hurley FSR on December 23rd. There were many open creek crossings on branch 12 and only about 10-30 cm of coverage on the road. Snow on the Hurley FSR began to thin out substantially at 900m and we were walking in runners from KM7 to the valley bottom (no snow). It looks like it rained on the 21st and 22nd and washed out most remaining snow below 900m on the Hurley FSR.
SWBC Peak Baggers reported on: Nov 25, 2023
[From iSurvivedTheHurley] - snow line starts at the Branch 12 (Tenquille Trail) turn off. The road is confined to a single track and chains are highly recommended. See: for the full details
JP Demers reported on: Oct 07, 2023
With a sedan 2WD, we went all the way to Semaphore Lake trailhead via Hurley Creek FSR. There were a lot of holes and the road was bumpy, but otherwise no big difficulties. We went very slowly.
Francis Bailey reported on: Sep 21, 2023
Lots of washboards in the road from all of the traffic, but otherwise still drive-able in a 2WD