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Chilliwack Lake FSR

Drove to Paleface Creek FSR. Only potholes. To be honest I'd probably drive my sedan on this road. Not sure if it gets worse after.

Erin Pedersen - Feb 10, 2024
Paleface Creek FSR

Drove to Meroniuk spur. Quite a few water bars en route. Otherwise good 4x4 condition.

Erin Pedersen - Feb 10, 2024
Paleface Creek Branch 2300

We drove to 1140m in a Bronco. Quite a few water bars. Snow started around 1050m.

Erin Pedersen - Feb 10, 2024
Hanson Creek FSR

Drove to 650m elevation in a Ford Escape. We could've passed a couple of the ditches after that, but road narrowed and there weren't many places to pa...

Erin Pedersen - Jan 01, 2024
Norrish Creek FSR

Gate was open on January 1, 2024. We read a post on the 4wdabc Facebook group that it has been broken for a while and they're waiting for parts. Road ...

Erin Pedersen - Jan 01, 2024
Liumchen East FSR

The gate is gone but there are over 40 cross ditches now. Ice/snow started to appear on the road above 1000m, and we parked at 1200m (with 4x4) since ...

Erin Pedersen - Nov 18, 2023
Borden Creek FSR

Drove the creek bypass and up to 1140m in a Subaru Forester Wilderness with a very bold driver (not me). So it's possible...

Erin Pedersen - Oct 28, 2023
Bridal Falls FSR

Drove up to 49.16211, -121.74096 (1100m) in a 4x4 Bronco. Road is steep, narrow and bumpy with waterbars.

Erin Pedersen - Nov 05, 2023
Tamihi Creek FSR

The road has some big puddles (full road width), a few small waterbars and one very big ditch around 49.00220, -121.73638 (probably the same one menti...

Erin Pedersen - Nov 12, 2023