Borden Creek FSR

Chilliwack Natural Resource District
Road Details
Condition Heavily Degraded (Last updated 140d)
Condition Details Road requires high clearance 4WD. There may be challenging washouts, dangerous sections or exceptionally deep water bars.
Closures No Posted Closures
Length 12.39km
Owner District Manager Chilliwack (dck)
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Road Description

No description.

Road Bulletins
Francis Bailey reported on: Nov 29, 2023
The bridge washout and bypass
Around 1100m the snow became more continuous
Here's the impassible washout just after the 12km mark at around 1350m
Drove as far as the washed out bridge at the 8km mark (~3.5km from the New Bordern FSR junction). The 4x4 bypass still look feasible, however there was a thick layer of frost on the steepest section so we opted to just park before the bridge. The condition of the road is largely unchanged from previous reports although continuous snow now starts at ~1100m.
Erin Pedersen reported on: Oct 28, 2023
Drove the creek bypass and up to 1140m in a Subaru Forester Wilderness with a very bold driver (not me). So it's possible...
Chris Gulka reported on: Oct 22, 2023
Roughest section of road after the bridge bypass
Pullout where I parked. Road is impassable by large vehicle just ahead
Made it to the "new trailhead" (where there are boulders blocking the road) in my unlifted 4runner on 31's. Creek bypass is in good shape. Past the bypass the road has some large loose rocks making for slow going, but provided no major issues
Maria Alexa reported on: Oct 07, 2023
End of the road for vehicle access at ~1400m.
New Borden FSR from Chilliwack Lake Road connects to Borden FSR at 4.8km (780m). Collapsed bridge at 7.5km (~920m). Vehicle bypass on the left of the collapsed bridge. The creek is currently extremely low and barely flowing through the bypass. 2.5km past the bridge there is a 1km stretch of very rough, rutted out road. HC 4x4 recommended from here to avoid damage. Parking at this point is a 2.5km walk to the TH. Road is not passable by vehicles at 11.7km (~1400m) dirt bikes can easily continue. Less than 1km to McGuire summit from final vehicle parking area.
Mark Demers reported on: Sep 09, 2023
Bridge crossing Borden creek at ~920m is washed out but can be driven across with a high clearance 4x4. The remainder of the road is in terrible shape but can and has been driven by a very clearance 4x4 with patience and accepting likely scrapes and bumps along the way. Recommended to start from New Borden FSR where good clearance AWD can make it to the washouts around 600m.