Tamihi Creek FSR

Chilliwack Natural Resource District
Road Details
Condition Somewhat Degraded (Last updated 80d)
Condition Details Road has rough spots, water bars or moderate washouts and may require high-clearance 4WD
Closures No Posted Closures
Length 16.25km
Owner District Manager Chilliwack (dck)
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Road Description

No description.

Road Bulletins
Rob Pargee reported on: Jan 30, 2024
at about 14.5km near the end of the road
The recent slide that was reported on Jan 28th must have been cleared up. Quite a bit of recent rockfall I had to roll off the road but no major slides. Water bar 1.75km from the end point of the road at 780m elevation is getting worse. Water is no longer going through the culvert and is eroding a new channel. Basically no snow on the road. Most AWD should be able to make it to about the 14.5km mark as of Jan 30.
Nat Mud reported on: Jan 28, 2024
FOUND IPHONE: text me 250-300-6616.
Snow is basically all gone up to ~10km up the road. However, heavy rains overnight on January 27-28 caused a mudslide about 2km up the FSR that is impassable unless you have a high clearance 4WD pickup (shoutout to the fellas who towed me back across on Jan 28). The mud was about knee deep for 100 m. Conditions change dramatically.
SWBC Peak Baggers reported on: Jan 07, 2024
[From Chris Jamieson] - Tamihi FSR is in good shape and pretty much any vehicle can make it to where we started. Snow started to show up around 10km. There is a big washout about 1.5km from the trailhead and even through I was 80% sure my truck could handle it, we decided to park and walk the extra distance rather than risk getting stuck. In hind sight, I totally could have made it. There was about 3” of fresh snow where we parked and it got gradually deeper as we went.
Erin Pedersen reported on: Nov 12, 2023
The road has some big puddles (full road width), a few small waterbars and one very big ditch around 49.00220, -121.73638 (probably the same one mentioned below by Francis). We were in a 4x4 Bronco and it was no problem, although someone did get out to spot on the way in (easier to see on the way out). The ditch is only about 1.7km from where we parked.
Francis Bailey reported on: May 30, 2023
The water bar in question
Road is in rough shape in the latter sections with numerous water bars. There is a show stopper washout/water bar about 1km before the end. I just barely made it through with a Tacoma.